Did Ohio State Fan Just Get Caught Cheating In Front Of Millions?


The Internet brings us another viral video. During last night’s Alabama vs. Ohio State playoff game, ESPN showed video of, who we just found out is University of Miami graduate Kayleigh Lambert, seemingly consoling a young man, her boyfriend we presume (at first), sitting next to her by running her hands through his hair. Then,…

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Little Boy Captures Video Of Santa On Hidden Camera


santa How many of us when we were little wanted so badly to capture the moment when Santa slid down the chimney and laid out all out presents under the tree? Well here is this cute video of a 7-year-old boy watching video of Santa poofing into his house and magically putting presents under the…

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Watch A Pretty Good Twerking Video Turn To Shits, Literally


Ever since Miley Cyrus introduced us┬áto twerking, women have posed numerous videos of themselves shaking their thang. Some videos are crazy good, some videos are ridiculously┬ábad, and some, well, are just plan funny. This new video is of a girl twerking in white underwear and white see-through stretchy pants, and she is pretty good. And…

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