Did Ohio State Fan Just Get Caught Cheating In Front Of Millions?


The Internet brings us another viral video. During last night’s Alabama vs. Ohio State playoff game, ESPN showed video of, who we just found out is University of Miami graduate Kayleigh Lambert, seemingly consoling a young man, her boyfriend we presume (at first), sitting next to her by running her hands through his hair. Then,…

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Little Boy Captures Video Of Santa On Hidden Camera


santa How many of us when we were little wanted so badly to capture the moment when Santa slid down the chimney and laid out all out presents under the tree? Well here is this cute video of a 7-year-old boy watching video of Santa poofing into his house and magically putting presents under the…

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Watch A Pretty Good Twerking Video Turn To Shits, Literally


Ever since Miley Cyrus introduced us to twerking, women have posed numerous videos of themselves shaking their thang. Some videos are crazy good, some videos are ridiculously bad, and some, well, are just plan funny. This new video is of a girl twerking in white underwear and white see-through stretchy pants, and she is pretty good. And…

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Which Is Worse 13-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Or Present Day? Close Call

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Not sure which is worse 13-year-old Kim or present day Kim. At lease we know now that she has always been narcissistic and it wasn’t her undeserving or way to long glory in the limelight that gave the impression that she was important. Kim turned 34 on Tuesday and to celebrate the talented, thoughtful, compassionate, giving, beauty…

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Little Girls Say The F-Word To Promote Feminism


“I’m not some pretty fucking princess in distress. I’m pretty f**kin powerful and ready for success. So what is more offensive? A little girl saying “f**k”, or the f**king unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?” FCKH8.com is known for speaking out against all the negativity and hate that our society possesses. They promote anti-sexism,…

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Rap Tribute to Steve Jobs: ‘We Are All Steve’ [VIDEO]

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While this may seem a bit premature (to quote “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”: “I’m not dead!”), this video from Pantless Knights features various people in black tees and turtlenecks and Steve Jobs’ iconic round glasses rockin’ a rhyme in tribute to the Apple genius.

‘Evolution of Dance’ Dude Reenacts Famous Touchdown Dances [VIDEO]

Judson Laipply, the guy whose “Evolution of Dance” video went viral in 2006 and was viewed tens of millions of times, is back. ESPN commissioned the comedian several weeks ago to put together a routine featuring 23 of the most famous touchdown dances in history, including moves from players like Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco.…

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Arizona Dust Storm Makes Everyone Say ‘Boob’

So in case you didn’t know, the proper term for a dust storm like the one that swept over Phoenix on Tuesday is the Arabic word “haboob.” And on last night’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” the adorable MSNBC host and her crack team put together a video comprised of clips in which professional newscasters and meteorologists…

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Dancing Diaper Baby Vid Becomes Internet Sensation

A new viral video featuring a Brazilian baby bustin’ some serious moves to a Latin jam has established itself as the web’s latest obsession, but is it real? Ah – who cares? If you have any desire to laugh today, this is a must watch! This adorable little tyke, presumably named Luiz Otavio, is a…

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Baby Gaga Rocks Brazil With “Bad Romance” — VIDEO

In today’s installment of “Kids Singing Things They Probably Shouldn’t Be Singing,” eight-year-old Laura Fontana –whose pantsless — rocked Brazil with a gyrating, pantless performance medley of Lady Gaga’s greatest hits. TV audiences can’t get enough of her. Interesting, especially considering that Brazil censors recently yanked a beer commercial starring Paris Hilton. Spotted@