Beyonce’s Baby News As Seen By Taiwanese Animators [VIDEO]


Taiwanese animation outfit┬áNext Media Animation, who brought you the hilarious re-enactments of the Tiger Woods scandal and of Steve Jobs’ life, is at it again. This time? They’re taking on the Beyonce-is-preggers story.

The Return of Susan Boyle [VIDEO]


You remember Susan Boyle. She’s the frumpy Scottish singer who became a literal overnight superstar when video from her audition for “Britain’s Got Talent” went viral in 2009. Despite a fabulously-successful first album later that year, Boyle was plagued with panic attacks and gave a few awful live performances, leading many in the industry to…

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First Look at the Kardashian Wedding [VIDEO] “E! News” gave a sneak-peek of Saturday night’s extravaganza, which will be covered in full over four (very long and probably tedious) hours in a two-part special in October. Summary: Everyone wore black and white, Kim tried really hard to look like royalty, Kris is still freakishly tall next to her, a little kid…

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