Bill Maher Wants Candidates to Sign HIS Pledge [VIDEO]

When Bill Maher did his usual “New Rules” segment at the end of Friday night’s “Real Time,” he brought up the silly pledges GOP political candidates have been signing — everything from Grover Norquist’s inane “no new taxes ever ever ever even if it means the country implodes in on itself ever” pledge all the…

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Amy Winehouse’s Last Known Public Appearance [VIDEO] Three days ago, Amy Winehouse appeared onstage at the iTunes Festival in London with her goddaughter, singer Dionne Bromfield. In the video, which was shot by an audience member, Winehouse appeared healthy, chewing gum and dancing in jeans as Bromfield sang “Mama Said.” It’s the last known public appearance made by Winehouse, who died…

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Chinese Corset Ad is Oddly Spellbinding [VIDEO]


When I was a kid, girls used to rhythmically press their palms together and chant, We must, we must, we must increase our bust! But aside from strengthening our pectoral muscles, it was a colossal waste of time. Boobies grow on their own terms. Until now!

Listen to Rebecca Black’s New Song, ‘My Moment’ – If You Dare


You remember Rebecca Black. How could we all forget? She’s the teen whose overindulgent mother paid Ark Music $4000 so that her coddled kid who’s probably never heard the words “no” or “you’re really not good at that, honey” could foist the insipid song “Friday” on an unsuspecting public. The video for that little diabolical…

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