Beyonce’s Baby News As Seen By Taiwanese Animators [VIDEO]


Taiwanese animation outfit Next Media Animation, who brought you the hilarious re-enactments of the Tiger Woods scandal and of Steve Jobs’ life, is at it again. This time? They’re taking on the Beyonce-is-preggers story.

The Return of Susan Boyle [VIDEO]


You remember Susan Boyle. She’s the frumpy Scottish singer who became a literal overnight superstar when video from her audition for “Britain’s Got Talent” went viral in 2009. Despite a fabulously-successful first album later that year, Boyle was plagued with panic attacks and gave a few awful live performances, leading many in the industry to…

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First Look at the Kardashian Wedding [VIDEO] “E! News” gave a sneak-peek of Saturday night’s extravaganza, which will be covered in full over four (very long and probably tedious) hours in a two-part special in October. Summary: Everyone wore black and white, Kim tried really hard to look like royalty, Kris is still freakishly tall next to her, a little kid…

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Lady Gaga Looked Silly but Sounded Incredible on ‘The View’ [VIDEO] I sometimes get exasperated with Lady Gaga’s silly outfits because underneath all that crap, the chick is mad talented and the costumes only serve to distract from that. Here she is on Monday’s ep of “The View” in a houndstooth suit and houndstooth shoes, wearing houndstooth glasses at a houndstooth piano and singing into…

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