Check Out Some Of Our Favorite Kid Halloween Prank Videos


Although we love Halloween as adults, I think it means a little bit more to kids. It’s the probably the next best holiday after Christmas. I mean what kid doesn’t love candy? Here are some of our favorite videos about kids, Halloween, candy, tears, and screams. Jimmy Kimmel: “I Told My Kids I Ate There…

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Little Girls Say The F-Word To Promote Feminism


“I’m not some pretty fucking princess in distress. I’m pretty f**kin powerful and ready for success. So what is more offensive? A little girl saying “f**k”, or the f**king unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?” is known for speaking out against all the negativity and hate that our society possesses. They promote anti-sexism,…

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Watch Little Girl Freak Out Over Dad’s New Clean-Shaven Face


So what can we learn from this video. PARENTS: Do not make drastic changes to your appearance without letting your kids know before hand. This poor little girl is playing a harmless game of peek-a-boo with her daddy, who dawns a big bushy beard. All of a sudden he leaves, comes back, and the next time…

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This Cute Little Girl Recites Lines From ‘Friends’


This is the perfect way to celebrate Friends’ 20th anniversary. Just shows you that ‘Friends’ touches the heart of people of all ages. Even this adorable little girl named Annie. Heather Spohr is a mom blogger who, like most mothers, loves to take pictures and videos of her kids. On her The Spohrs Are Multiplying…

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‘Glee’ Does a Fab Adele Mashup [VIDEO]


In honor of its 300th performance, “Glee” mashed up “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You” from the stunning Adele — and then let Mercedes and Santana take center-stage instead of the growing-more-tedious-by-the-week Rachel. And the finished product? Is glorious.