Tyra Channels Josephine Baker On “Gossip Girl”

Tyra Banks As Josephine Baker On Gossip Girl

She may be a Emmy-winning talk show hostess, but this Monday night, former supermodel Tyra Banks will be taking a break from daytime for a guest appearance on The CW’s R-rated teen drama Gossip Girl. The experience was a hair-raising one for Tyra, who went through a record six hair changes during filming for her…

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Dr. Phil Snubbed Tyra Banks

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What we wouldn’t give to have been a fly on the wall backstage at last month’s Daytime Emmy Awards. Word on the Celebrity Snitch Circuit claims small screen headshrinker Dr. Phil McGraw had a cow when the Emmy gods snubbed his daytime series in favor of the celeb-studded hit hosted by former supermodel Tyra Banks.…

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Tyra Banks “Nightline” VIDEO

“I wish I was more of a diva,” fashion-model-turned-TV-mogul Tyra Banks told ABC’s Nightline in an interview Tuesday. “I wish [I] was harder, I wish I didn’t care so much about being the nice girl all the time. Because a lot of the time people can take kindness for weakness … so I wish I…

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Tyra Banks Real Hair Revealed! (VIDEO)

Two-time Emmy-winning talk show host Tyra Banks kicked off the fifth season of her ratings winning daytime gabfest with a big reveal — her natural hair!! On a day she declared National Real Hair Day, the former catwalk maven bravely ditched her famous lacefront wig and showed fans her God-given shoulder-length tresses for the first…

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