Tyra Banks Holiday Giveaway Special 2009

The Tyra Banks Show Holiday Special 2009

Oprah may not be giving away any of her “Favorite Things” this holiday season — but Tyra sure is! On tomorrow’s Tyra Banks Show, the model mogul enlists the help of a group of very sexy elves to surprise her studio audience of deserving moms with a number of tony giveaways — including a 3-day…

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“Sesame Street” On “Tyra”


A routine weave-inspection goes wrong on tomorrow’s Tyra! Rosita, Elmo, and Cookie Monster take a bite out of the Daytime Diva when The Muppets hit The Tyra Banks Show on Thursday, Dec. 3.

Woman With Two Vaginas “The Tyra Banks Show” Nov. 6

Two Vaginas On Tyra Show

On tomorrow’s edition of The Tyra Banks Show, supermodel-turned-burgeoning-media-mogul sits down for an exclusive interview with Lauren Essex-Williams, a 29-year-old British woman born with two vaginas! The press release promises to show viewers what two vaginas look like and Lauren describes sex is like. Well, we’re so TiVo-ing this…..

Tyra Reveals Secret Behind Headline-Grabbing Weight Loss

The Tyra Banks Show Fitness Show 1

On Wednesday’s edition of The Tyra Banks Show, former supermodel Tyra Banks reveals for the first time how she recently shed more than 20 pounds. Joined by her nutritionist Heather Bauer, the Emmy-winning talk show host is dedicating tomorrow’s show to sharing step-by-step tips on her healthy new lifestyle and challenging fans to get in…

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