Donald Trump Whoopi Goldberg Go Toe-To-Toe Over Obama Birth Certificate

Whoopi smells “dog mess” and this time the stench isn’t wafting from the boots of conservative crackpot Glenn Beck. Donald Trump and his onion loaf went toe-to-toe with the gals of The View (just Whoopi and Babs really) Wednesday over the issue of President Barack Obama’s US citizenship. The business tycoon said he didn’t need…

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Sherri Shepherd Engaged To Marry Lamar Sally

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If I have to type the word “engaged” one more time…. Add Sherri Shepherd’s name to the list of celebrity brides who’ll be walking down the aisle in 2011.

Prince Crashes “The View!” [VIDEO]

Prince made an entrance fit for a Queen on ABC’s The View on Thursday. With zero warning, the music legend nonchalantly walked onto the Hot Topics segment of the morning gabfest, completely blindsiding three of the five co-hosts and the entire studio audience.