Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Star Jones Treatment?

Aww snap! Is another mayjah shakeup headed for one of television’s longest-running gabfest? Well, that depends on who’s telling the story. The blogosphere is abuzz with the scoop that the ultra-conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being given “The Star Jones Treatment” by producers of The View. That’s right, guys. Blondie’s reportedly been unceremoniously kicked to the…

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Joy Behar Leaving “The View” After 16 Seasons

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The View is losing its resident wisecracker: After 16 and a half years on The View, Joy Behar is departing at the end of the season. An original Viewer, Behar is one of five co-hosts currently on the show, joining series creator Barbara Walters, Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg, conservative pundit Elisabeth Hasselbeck and comedian Sherri…

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Queen Latifah “Working On” Adopting

Queen Latifah on Adoption

Queen Latifah dropped by ABC’s femme gabfest The View on Wednesday, where the rapper-turned-actress revealed that she is “working on” adopting her first child.

Was Star Jones “Ambushed” on “The View?”


The day after correspondent Star Jones returned to The View stage for the first time since she was unceremoniously fired six years ago, her Today Show co-panelist, Donny Deutsch, took Barbara Walters to task for ambushing the former legal eagle.