Crying Sherri Shepherd On Barack Obama Election “The View” Video

Fast Forward To 2:00 For Sherri’s Waterworks. Sherri Shepherd lost it on The View this morning. The dingbat was uncharacteristically articulate as she discussed the sacrifices made during the Civil Rights Movement and how that turbulent period in history made it possible for the nation to elect its first president of color on Tuesday.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Barack Obama Win: “Today Is A Victory For This Country”


Last night, I predicted that Elisabeth Hasselbeck would have a coronary after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, defeating the conservative nutjob’s beloved Republican candidate John McCain in an electoral college landslide. Well, I stand corrected. The View’s resident crybaby is actually taking the GOP’s loss in stride.

Joy Behar “Rachael Ray” Video (11/04/08)

The View’s Joy Behar downplayed rumors of strife and off-screen tensions between the show’s four outspoken co-hostess’ during her Election Day appearance on Rachael Ray’s Emmy-winning talk show.

Brad Paisley “The View” Video (11/04/08)

Brad Paisley performs “Waitin’ On A Woman” on The View November 4. Country music crooner Brad Paisley swung by the set of The View, where he promoted his new LP Play, on Tuesday. Brad will share co-hosting duties with Carrie Underwood when country’s biggest stars get together for the CMAs later this month.

“The View” Halloween 2008 Presidents Costumes


The View’s 2008 Halloween Special will take a page out of history. The ladies will dress up as former presidents on the daytime gabfest this Friday. Barbara Walters is going as George Washington, Whoopi Goldberg will appear as Franklin D. Roosevelt, look for Joy Behar to be get all decked out as Theodore Roosevelt, Elisabeth…

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Pink “The View” Video (10/29/08)

Pink’s new album, Funhouse, is available now, and the Grammy-winning pop/rock singer continued on the promotional trail in support of the LP with a performance of her hit single “So What” on The View Wednesday.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Death Threats


Outspoken conservative Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets more death threats than anyone else on The View, co-host Whoopi Goldberg revealed as she sat on a panel discussion on Art and Educational Justice hosted by the Stella Adler Studio in New York City Monday night.

Duffy “The View” Video (October 28)

British pop star Duffy performs “Stepping Stone,” the fourth single off of her gold-selling debut LP, Rockferry, in this video clip from the October 28 episode of The View. And guess which View hostess had a hand in inspiring Duffy’s signature blue-eyed soul sound? None other than Whoopi Goldberg. “My first introduction to soul music…

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John McCain T-Shirt Sparks Joy Behar Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fight

Michelle Obama The View

Joy Behar nearly wrung Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s neck backstage at The View on Wednesday. Onsite spywitnesses say all Hell broke loose once the outspoken co-hostesses were face-to-face following their on-screen confrontation over that controversial pro-John McCain T-shirt Elisabeth rocked on Tuesday’s show. Joy and Elisabeth found themselves embroiled in a heated shouting match that nearly turned…

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