“The Girls Next Door” Feud: “Bridget & Holly Jealous Of Kendra Wilkinson!”

All is not friendly in Mr. Hefner’s Neighborhood as rumors mount of a secret battle brewing between the three girlfriends of Playboy’s poly-relationship founder Hugh Hefner. Twenty-three year-old Kendra Wilkinson, the youngest of Hugh’s blonde hunnies, is reportedly under attack from Hef’s main girlfriend, Holly, twenty-eight, and thirty-four year-old Bridget, who are said to be…

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Holly Madison Hugh Hefner Marriage Refusal: “I’ll Never Marry Holly”

Eighty-two year old Hugh Hefner has no plans to tie the knot with his twenty-eight year old “main girlfriend” Holly Madison. The elderly Playboy founder is more than content with his “poly relationship” with Madison and side girls Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt. The plural union is the subject of the popular E! reality series…

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Nude Holly Madison PETA Ad Campaign Photo


Holly Madison, head hunny from Hugh Hefer’s Harem of Hotties, has stripped down for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for the second time. Here’s a shot of Holly’s new venture with PETA.