Does he make you proud, Christy Lee Worsham??

Taylor Hicks SINGS!

In news absolutely no one cares about, Taylor Hicks’ first crush has finally been FOUND!! I didn’t know she was lost. Oh well. Apparently this chick was the first object of Taylor Hicks’ affections. If you don’t mind, I’d rather refer to her as The Luckiest Woman Alive. I mean, seriously. Look at this guy.…

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American Idol’s Kathryn McPhee is one of those self-pukers

“American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee struggled for years with bulimia before seeking help, the singer said in an interview published Thursday. At her worst she would throw up as many as seven times a day, putting her singing career in jeopardy. It was like “putting a sledgehammer to your vocal cords,” McPhee told People magazine…

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