Taylor Momsen Under Fire For Vibrator Comment


Uh-Oh….Sounds like Ole Raccon Eyes – Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen — has gotten herself into a pickle after voicing her affinity for gizmos that get you off in a recent chat with Disorder Magazine.

Taylor Momsen John Galliano Perfume Spokesmodel

MTV Shows Taylor Momsen’s “I’m A Badass Rocker Chick Who Doesn’t Brush My Hair!” persona is translating into some lucrative fashion deals for the teenage spitfire.

Miley Cyrus “Furious” After Being Dissed By Taylor Momsen

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Uh-oh: Smells like Teen Scandal! Miley Cyrus has her knickers in a knot after taking a razzing from Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen. The irreverent Pretty Reckless rocker — best known as Little J on The CW soap — Gossip Girl has made her way to Cyrus’ Shit list after slamming the constant comparisions between…

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Taylor Momsen, 16, Has A Vibrator


Our eyes were already perma-rolling at Taylor Momsen’s constant anecdotes about how badass she is and how she doesn’t care what you think cuz she’s a rebel and stuff. (The phrase “Gurl bye!” springs to mind) But telling us how her vibrator is her “best friend?” Wrongtown USA! The Gossip Girl star and Material Girl…

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