Taylor Momsen Retires From Acting

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Fans of gyrating teenagers in suspender stockings will be thrilled to learn that Taylor Momsen has formally “retired” from acting to focus solely on becoming a full-time pantless rocker. Momsy’s putting her days on the small screen behind her in favor of her music career, the former Gossip Girl starlet, 18, explains. Taylor, lead singer…

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Taylor Momsen Lap-Dances With Female Fans In Barcelona

The Pretty Reckless Perform in Concert in Barcelona

Hey Lifetime, looking for a new Movie of the Week? Allow us to suggest one: Trainwreck Becomes Her: The Taylor Momsen Story. Momsy was on top-skank form during a concert in Barcelona this week, sparking something of an underaged orgy (Avert those eyes now!) by inviting topless young Spanish girls to strip and join her…

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Taylor Momsen Nicki Minaj “The X Factor” Judges?

Nicki Minaj Kicked Out Of London Hotel

Are Taylor Momsen and Nicki Minaj signing up for TV’s next hotly-awaited TV talent show? There’s a frenzy of speculation about who’ll join Simon Cowell on FOX’s upcoming American version of the ITV singing competition and the latest names on the list are Gossip Girl star-turned-wild child rocker Momsen and Minaj, a Queens-bred hip-hopster, who…

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Taylor Momsen Dropped By IMG Models

Taylor Momsen Loses IMG Modeling Contract

Taylor Momsen should have plenty of time to brush up on her geography now that she’s no longer affiliated with the world-famous IMG Modeling Agency.