Taye Diggs hands out SAG Award and then runs down an intruder


Private Practice star, Taye Diggs, had a very busy Sunday evening. Late Sunday evening, Taye and his wife, Indina Menzel, returned home around 11:20 and found a burglar in their garage. The intruder, identified as Hassan Juma attempted to run but didn’t get too far.

“Glee” Casting Rachel Berry’s Gay Dads


Producers of TV’s smash musical-comedy Glee are courting some of Hollywood’s most notable male leads to play the coveted roles of Lea Michele’s gay parents. The Glee cast may soon be joined by some combination of Elton John, Hugh Jackman, or Taye Diggs — who are the favorites to portray the fatherly duo Glee Club…

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Taye Diggs National Train Day 2010 Spokesperson

Taye Diggs National Train Day

Ever since Taye Diggs pointed at “Black women” as the culprit behind the demise of his craptacular ABC series Daybreak, I haven’t particularly been a fan of the guy who once helped Stella get her groove back. These days, Diggs is paying the “Rent” by using his famous face and well-defined abs to promote Amtrak’s…

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