Suri Cruise Pacifier Pics Raise Eyebrows

Suri Cruise Pacifier Pics

Armed with a tube of lipstick and a killer handbag, Suri Cruise walks in high heels better than most 30-year-olds, but when it comes to parting ways with her pacifier (Or in the words of our niece “Her Pie…”) the world’s most fashionable four-year-old is still very much a kid. …In fact, Suri may be…

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Suri Cruise Halloween Costume Cost $6K

She’s been wearing high-heels since she could talk and boasts a wardrobe with an estimated worth of $3 million. So it should come as no surprise that Kooky Couture is all the rage for four-year-old Suri Cruise. The little goblin will be wearing a five-figure costume this Halloween, In Touch Weekly insiders report. Suri’s famous…

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