Anderson Cooper Throws Down on Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt [VIDEO]


CNN’s silver fox may not be ready to come out of the closet yet, but that doesn’t mean he won’t brandish the bitchy. Such was the case when Anderson Cooper’s tart tongue put the smackdown on perennial famewhores Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt last week. Adding the couple to his “AC360″ RidicuList, he started out…

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Spencer Pratt Wants To Be Charlie Sheen’s New Publicist!

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With Stan Rosenfield no longer representing kooky crackie Charlie Sheen, the runaway trainwreck that has become the actor’s career is on the hunt for a conductor. So how fitting is it that one of the few men in Hollywood more off balance than Sheen himself should step up to the plate to be the sitcom…

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Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Renew Vows; Offered Porn Directing Deal

Speidi Porn Directors

In one of the least-anticipated entertainment events of the year, reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt renewed their vows in a sunset ceremony on a Southern California beach over the weekend. And as a unorthodox third wedding gift, the couple got one more shot at recovering their lost multimillion-dollar fortune, courtesy of the world’s…

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Speidi Renewing Wedding Vows

They’re back! Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Terrible Reality Twosome Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag hope to show that love will conquer all — even unemployment and depleted finances — by renewing their wedding vows.

Spencer & Heidi Bankrupt & Homeless

Reunited and it feels like public assistance and government cheese….Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag may be back together again, but that hardly means all is well in the Land of Silicone and Publicity Stunts. In fact, The Terrible Twosome Commonly Known as Speidi say they’re broke, homeless, and depending on the charity of Pratt’s parents…

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Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Back Together; Divorce Off

Heidi Montag is hoping love will be sweeter the second time around with now formerly-estranged hubby Spencer Pratt. On Wednesday, the ex-Hiller moved to call off her pending divorce from Pratt, mere weeks after the pair famously feuded over a couple sex tapes belonging to Heidi that Spencer decided to hawk.

Spencer Pratt Loses The Beard

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Oh Brother: Must everything be a production, Spencer? Spencer Pratt either fancies himself a comedian or the next Joaquin Phoenix. Either way – it’s not funny…just really weird.

Spencer Pratt Arrested For Gun Possession In Costa Rica

Let The D-List Celebrity Mugshot Watch Begin! Former reality TV star Spencer Pratt was arrested at a Costa Rican airport on Sunday after officials collared the ex-Hillers for illegal possession of a firearm, reported Sunday.

Spencer Pratt Shelves “Speidi” Sex Tape

So much for Speidi: The Sex Tape! Spencer Pratt must have taken a recent trip to Oz– because it appears the slimeball reality villain has suddenly developed a heart and decided against subjecting the masses to the monstrosity that would be Speidi in XXX.

Heidi Montag Karissa Shannon Sex Tape On Sale For $5 Million

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Heidi Montag has denied the existence of a sex tape starring herself and soon-to-be-ex hubby Spencer Pratt. But we’re itching to see what the former reality star has to say about Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon’s claims that she bumped labias with the plastic surgery addict on camera in one of several sex tapes that Spencer…

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Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Sex Tape

Break out the Pepto Bismol…We’ve got a feeling you’re going to need it. In other signs of the Apocalypse, jilted lover Spencer Pratt is hawking a sex tape featuring him shucking the surgically-altered corn of his soon-to-be former wife Heidi Montag.

Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Divorce

Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag Divorce

Looks like we owe the two of you who thought the Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt split was totally legit twenty bucks: Heidi has filed for a divorce from her estranged husband Spencer nearly two months after she went to court to seek a legal separation.

Spencer Loves Fame More Than Heidi

Spencer Pratt says his thirst for fame was something even Heidi Montag could not keep up with. Pratt, 26, opened up about his pending divorce from his former Hills co-star in a chat with PEOPLE Magazine. The admitted attention-monger admits that his love for fame means that he will never ever get back with Montag,…

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Spencer Pratt Learns To Blog

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Awwz….Little Spencer wants to be a blogger! Spencer Brat has joined the blogosphere. How 2005 of him.

Did Spencer Hack Heidi’s Twitter Account?

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Heidi Montag may not have sent a icky, creepy, Mrs. Robinson-esque Tweet sailing over the Interwebs to Justin Bieber after all. Heidi, 23, has accused her estranged husband Spencer Pratt of hacking her Twitter account and posting a message to the pint-sized pop star, 16.