Tiger Woods “South Park” Spoof VIDEO

Well, you knew it was coming. South Park returned for an unprecedented 14th season on Comedy Central last night, and like Kanye West, Bill Clinton, and a host of other celebrities, embattled golfer Tiger Woods was taken to task for the serial infidelity that nearly cost him his career and his marriage. South Park writers…

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“South Park” Takes On Tiger Woods On 14th Season Premiere

Tiger Woods South Park

South Park kicks off its 14th season with a swift kick in the pants to scandal-scarred golfer Tiger Woods. Over thw past 13 seasons, the boys have been haunted by dead celebrities, poked fun at the Church of Scientology, and stuck it to former President Bush. Now, the foul-mouthed fourth-graders are back for another season…

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GLAAD Slams “South Park” F-Word Episode

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation isn’t happy about this week’s episode of South Park. GLAADis blasting the envelope-pushing comedy for its use of the word “fag” in a recent airing. The episode — which aired on the long-running Comedy Central series on Wednesday — sees the characters use the anti-gay slur to refer…

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Kanye West “South Park” Spoof: “It Hurts My Feelings…”


We told you this was coming….Poor widdle Kanye! South Park hurt Kanye’s feelings! Kanye West says he’s taken aback–and even a bit hurt–that the animated Comedy Central series South Park accused him of being gayer than Pottery Barn on a Saturday morning in a spoof that aired on Wednesday night’s show.