Sofia Vergara can rock a thong bikini

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This is probably a statement that most people would agree with….Sofia Vergara can rock a thong bikini. The Modern Family star, tweeted a photo of herself, showing off her rock-hard @ss in a thong bikini with the caption, “Where @keegankillian and @luisbalaguer [her manager] cant find me!!!”

Sofia Vergara “I’m thankful for my breasts”

"Soul Plane" Premiere

Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara, is quick to acknowledge that her impressive body has definitely helped her career. The Colombian-born actress chatted with the Huffington Post on Tuesday about her career and her looks. “I feel very grateful,” she said. “I don’t like to complain about things that God has given me,” Vergara said. Sofia…

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Sofia Vergara celebrates the holidays in Miami


“Holyday,” Sofia Vergara announced to her followers via her Who Say account. The Modern Family star looked amazing in a gorgeous black and white cut-out swim suit over the holidays. Sofia headed to the warm sun of Miami, while Modern Family took their Christmas hiatus. “My mom celebrating her birthday with my aunt gloria and…

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