Sienna Miller Pregnant?

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Baby alert! Sienna Miller’s uterus is presently occupied. That’s the word heating up the blogosphere this Friday.

Balthazar Getty Back Together With Wife After Affair With Sienna Miller

Balthazar And Rosetta Getty In Harper's Bazaar

Sienna Miller’s romance with married father-of-four Balthazar Getty didn’t ruin the actor’s marriage after all. The former Brothers & Sisters star is back on with the “understanding and spiritual” wife he dumped for the Factory Girl actress two years ago.

Jude Law Sienna Miller Back On: “It’s Going Really Well”

Sienna Miller has confirmed tabloid dish that she’s rekindled her romance with cheating former flame Jude Law. The Factory Girl star called off her engagement to the actor in 2006 after Law — a father of four — engaged in a headline-grabbing fling with his children’s nanny. Jude and Sienna sparked speculation that they had…

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Jude Law Sienna Law Engaged — Again?

Sienna Miller, Jude Law

Five years after infidelity led to a highly-publicized split, Jude Law and former flame Sienna Miller are again making plans to march down the aisle, The Mirror claims. The Sherlock Holmes actor was engaged to wed Sienna before confessing that he was having an affair with the nanny of his three children in November 2005.…

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Sienna Miller Gotham Magaine Fall Fashion Issue 2009


Don’t be fooled by the British accent, Sienna Miller is a Native New Yorker — albeit not in the biblical sense. The maneating star, who moved to London with her British-born parents shortly after birth, is getting back in touch with her roots in America’s largest city on the pages of the new issue of…

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Sienna Miller “The TODAY Show” VIDEO (08/03/09)

On Monday’s TODAY, NBC correspondent Matt Lauer sat down with British maneater Sienna Miller to discuss her role in the new summer blockbuster G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, as well as her Broadway debut. G.I. Joe opens in theaters this Friday, August 7. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the…

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Sienna Miller Wet Pants @ G.I. Joe Photocall


We call this one “All Wet In London.” Sienna Miller experienced a “Fergie-style” photo-op nightmare when she showed up at the photocall for G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra at London’s HMS Belfast on Wednesday with soaking wet pants. Don’t be alarmed, no bladder control issues her. The bed-hopping vixen’s wet backside is being blamed…

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Sienna Miller Rips Radio Interviewer For Balthazar Getty Question


Sienna Miller flew into a rage this week after a radio interviewer in Australia quizzed her about her on-off relationship with married actor Balthazar Getty. Picture Media/ The blonde beauty is currently in Australia promoting the new sci-fi thriller GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, but she lost her cool in a telephone interview with…

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Sienna Miller Vogue Magazine July 2009


“It’s not hard for me to fall in love….When you have your heart broken for the first time, you gain depth,” Sienna Miller reveals in the July issue of Vogue Magazine. “And that’s why actors tend to get better with age, I think.” You can check Sienna out in G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra,…

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Sienna Miller: “I’ve Never Been On A Real Date”


She’s been romantically-linked to many men, nonetheless Sienna Miller insists she’s never been on a real date. In the July issue of Vogue Magazine, the actress — who has previously dated actors Balthazar Getty and Jude Law — says: “I’ve actually never been taken on a date in my whole life. I have never had…

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Sienna Miller Visits Hospitalized Josh Hartnett

Sienna Miller dashed from Miami to Los Angeles to visit Josh Hartnett after hearing the actor had been hospitalised with gastrointestinal problems, sparking speculation they two have been quietly dating. Sienna was most recently romantically linked to married Brothers and Sisters star Balthazar Getty. A source told X17Online: “Sienna had just 24 hours to fly…

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