Sherri Shepherd Sitcom (Lifetime)


Sherri Shepherd is turning her painful past into something to laugh about. Lifetime has ordered a pilot for a still-yet-untitled comedy loosely based on Sherri’s once troubled love life, The Hollywood Reporter reported on Wednesday. In the pilot, Sherri, who’ll remain on staff as a co-host pf The View, will play a woman who lets…

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Sherri Shepherd “Dancing With The Stars”


ABC is reportedly courting The View co-host Sherri Shepherd for a spot as a celebrity hoffer on the next season of Dancing With the Stars-and it sounds like the ditzy comedy queen may be up for the ballroom challenge.

Crying Sherri Shepherd On Barack Obama Election “The View” Video

Fast Forward To 2:00 For Sherri’s Waterworks. Sherri Shepherd lost it on The View this morning. The dingbat was uncharacteristically articulate as she discussed the sacrifices made during the Civil Rights Movement and how that turbulent period in history made it possible for the nation to elect its first president of color on Tuesday.

The View SNL Skit With Ben Affleck As Alec Baldwin

Ben Affleck as Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live I thought SNL totally nailed this skit. Whoopi. Spot on. Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Spot on. Alec Baldwin. Spot on. Joy Behar. Spot on. The only one that didn’t work for me was Jennifer Aniston.