Sherri Shepherd Gets Married & Lands TV Wedding Special

Sherri Shepherd Married

Wedding specials are the new black: The femme-charged panel of The View will feature two newly married ladies when the ABC gabfest kicks off its 15th season next month. Just days after wisecracking pundit Joy Behar took the plunge and wed her beau of 29 years, her funny fellow panelist Sherri Shepherd is also basking…

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Sherri Shepherd Engaged To Marry Lamar Sally

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If I have to type the word “engaged” one more time…. Add Sherri Shepherd’s name to the list of celebrity brides who’ll be walking down the aisle in 2011.

Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-Husband, Jeff Tarpley, Wants Her To Shut Up

Sherri Shepherd Ex-Husband Fuming

The former husband of comedienne/TV personality Sherri Shepherd is livid that the star of ABC’s The View can’t seem to stop telling the world that he’s a manwhore. Funny, because he sure doesn’t seem offended when he’s cashing those hefty alimony checks…. Jeff Tarpley was married to Sherri for eight years before he was exposed…

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Sneak Peek @ Sherri Shepherd’s New Sitcom “Sherri”


Sherri Shepherd’s personal life hit the gossip rags after her ex-husband cheated on her and got another woman pregnant. Now The View hostess is turning public humiliation into a paycheck with the new Lifetime sitcom, Sherri. I’m no Sherri Shepherd Stan, but I never miss an opportunity to discuss my childhood crush, Malcolm Jamal Warner,…

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