Sex and the City celebrates 15th year anniversary


E! is helping us feel old…. It’s time to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Sex and the City’s 1994 debut. E! will host a special Sex and the City edition at 8pm, featuring original author Candace Bushnell, along with executive producer of The Carrie Diaries and Sex and the City writer/producer Amy B. Harris. Bushnell…

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Cynthia Nixon Thinks She Chose to be Gay

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Actress/gay rights advocate Cynthia Nixon is causing a big chatter on the blogosphere with her remarks that being gay is “a choice.” At least it was for her.

“Sex And The City” Prequel TV Show Purchased By The CW

Psst..Remember those whispers about Sex and the City’s return to TV that surfaced on the pages of The Daily Mail a few months back? Well, it turns out, the British glossy wasn’t just blowing hot air up our arses after all. It’s looking more and more likely that Carrie Bradshaw and her collection of overpriced…

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