Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Cover “Sesame Street” Theme Song

Cute overload! Sesame Street is back for an unprecedented 44th season on public television. In celebration of the big event, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon and his house band, hip-hop stars The Roots, teamed up with some of Sesame Street’s most popular residents for a rendition of the show’s classic theme.

“Sesame Street” Reaches 1 Billion Views on YouTube

All those viral sensations and celebrity guest spots really paid off. Children’s television classic Sesame Street celebrated one billion views on YouTube Wednesday (Take that, Bieber!) with a very special message from the Count.

“Sesame Street” Spoofs “Downton Abbey”

It’s time for another Sesame Street parody! Watch the children’s television classic take on the British television hit Downton Abbey with the side-splitting Upside Downton Abbey.