Serena Williams issues apology for Stuebenville Rape Comments


The Queen of the Court, Serena Williams, has faced major backlash after comments surfaced last week that the tennis star had made. Williams was asked about the Stuebenville, Ohio rape case, where a girl was assaulted and the perpatrators then posted video and photos of the attack on-line and sent them via text. Williams issued…

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Serena Williams wins Gold Medal at London Olympics

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Serena Williams already has 14 Grand Slam titles and now she can add a Singles Gold Medal to her extensive resume. Serena. who has taken gold in previous Olympics playing along-side her sister, Venus, now can hang her hat on her singles medal. What’s making it even sweeter, that she won it at Wimbldeon. “I…

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Serena Williams U.S. Open Tirade Could Equal Disciplinary Action

Thirteen-time Grand Slam champ Serena Williams is in trouble for berating a chair umpire during her loss to Samantha Stosur at the U.S. Open on Sunday. A livid Williams flipped into Full Bitch Mode and called chair Eva Asderaki “a hater, a loser, and unattractive inside.” “If you ever see me walking down the hall,…

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