No, Sarah Jessica Parker Was NOT ‘Attacked’ By Her Bodyguard [VIDEO]

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On Wednesday night, reported that during a promotional trip to Russia, Sarah Jessica Parker’s local bodyguard “ripped his shirt open and leaned in to smooch the actress as she was leaving the venue” and that “a video of the encounter shows the star screaming as [he] corners her.” Perez calls the incident “so scary!”…

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Blake Lively As Carrie Bradshaw In “Sex And The City” Prequel?

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SATC Stans, Be Still! There’s a new Carrie Bradshaw in town: Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively! The four poshest women in The Concrete Jungle are reportedly descending on box office once again, nearly a year after the follow-up to the wildly-successful Sex And The City Movie became the darling of the 2011 Razzies.