Love In The Air? Ryan Reynolds Sandra Bullock Snapped Hiking In Wyoming

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Introducing the next hot celebrity couple: Ryandra. Has a nice ring to it, eh? Proposal co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have fought off romance rumors before, but whispers that the two are secretly swapping spit and other bodily fluids keep on coming back with a vengeance. And it’s really not hard to see why.

Jesse James: “Kat Von D Trumps Sandra Bullock In Bed”

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Could Jesse James get any more repugnant? After breaking Sandra Bullock’s heart by cheating on her with a ton of tattooed women, the three-time divorced dad has blabbed over the airwaves about his ex wife’s skills — ahem (or lack thereof…) in the bedroom. Talking to Howard Stern on his radio show, the topic of…

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Ryan Reynolds Sandra Bullock Dating Rumors Leave Scarlett Johansson “Devastated”

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Scarlett Johansson is “devastated” that her soon-to-be ex-husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, has allegedly (Hint, Nudge, Wink) moved on…quickly…with his Proposal co-star Sandra Bullock. Sandra’s rep insists she and Ryan “nothing more than friends,” naturally, Scarlett suspects otherwise, and she’s “devastated” by the betrayal.

Sandra Bullock PEOPLE Magazine “Woman Of The Year” 2010

Sandra Bullock 2010 PEOPLE Woman Of The Year

Sandra Bullock, whose 2010 included a tabloid-charting cheating scandal, divorce, and the joy of motherhood, was named PEOPLE Magazine’s Woman of the Year on the publication’s list of the 25 Most Intriguing People of 2010.

Sandra Bullock “The TODAY Show” VIDEO [Aug. 31]

In an interview with The TODAY Show’s Matt Lauer on Wednesday, Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock discussed her deep connection to the earthquake-ravaged Gulf Coast through her work with New Orleans’ Eastern Carter High School and the adoption of her “Cajun cookie,” eight-month-old son Louis. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the…

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Sandra Bullock On “The TODAY Show” — “Louis Is A Little Cajun Cookie”

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Sandra Bullock is opening up about the adoption of 7-month-old son Louis in her first television interview since splitting with scandal-scarred biker Jesse James. “He’s a little Cajun cookie,” Sandra said of Louis in a pre-taped interview with Matt Lauer set to air on the morning gabfest on Tuesday.

Sandra Bullock “TODAY Show” Interview Aug. 31

Live from New Orleans: It’s Sandra Bullock! America’s Sweetheart, 46, is set to appear in her first television interview since divorcing serial adulterer Jesse James and adopting son Louis with The TODAY Show’s Matt Lauer on Tuesday, Aug. 31.

Sandra Bullock Pulls Support From Gulf Coast Restoration PSA

A rep for Sandra Bullock has requested that the actress’ part in a public service announcement (PSA) promoting the preservation of the oil-slicked Gulf of Mexico be removed until she can confirm that the clip has not been influenced by a coalition of oil companies.

Sandra Bullock “Hot In Cleveland” Guest Appearance

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Is the hottest new show on cable about to get a kiss from America’s Sweetheart? Although her reps deny it, celebrity tattles with In Touch Weekly swear that Oscar winner Sandra Bullock has signed on for a rare television appearance on pal Betty White’s new hit sitcom, Hot In Cleveland.