Samuel L. Jackson Still Has His “Pulp Fiction” Speech Down Pat

From A Time to Kill to Coach Carter, Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in nearly 100 films since his memorable role in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 hit, Pulp Fiction. But, as Jackson proved on Britain’s Graham Norton Show last week, even 20 years worth of dialogue for a litany of other films couldn’t hamper an impeccable…

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Samuel L. Jackson Slam Poetry Pays Homage to “Boy Meets World”

In case you didn’t know, Samuel L. Jackson (also known in some circles as Laurence Fishburne) is a huge Boy Meets World fan. Yeah…we could totally see that. Naturally, there’s only one way to appropriately express one’s affection for a beloved coming of age comedy: Slam poetry, of course!

Samuel L. Jackson says he lost his virginity at “10 or 11″

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Yes that’s right ladies…..Samuel L. Jackson claims that he was just a young lad when he lost his virginity. In a recent interview with Playboy, Samuel says that growing up he had easy access to a lot of girls. “There was a family of girls who lived through the woods from us, and we all…

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