Russell Crowe Splits With Wife Danielle Spencer


Oscar-nominee, Russell Crowe, has split from his wife of 9 years. Russell and Danielle Spencer, who have two small children together, Charles and Tennyson, aged eight and six, have split amicably. Danielle and the children are remaining in Sydney, where the family has always been based, while Russell is Stateside, filming the epic-Bible based film,…

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Russell Crowe Threatened To Kill “Gladiator” Producer Branko Lustig

Russell Crowe Threatened To Kill Gladiator Producer

Remember the days of yesteryear when Russell Crowe was throwing telephones at hotel clerks and ranting at awards show directors for cutting his speech short? Turns out the angry Aussie was also making death threats against moviemakers. Crowe allegedly threatened to kill a film producer while shoot his Best Actor Oscar-winning role in the 2000…

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