Ted Williams Rehabbing Under Tight Security

The most famous former hobo in America is receiving treatment for his on-going addiction to drugs and alcohol under security that would put Secret Service to shame. The operators of Origins Recovery Center in Texas says that they’ve locked the facility down to keep snapping paparazzi at bay, TMZ.com reported on Saturday. Center officials tell…

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Ted Williams Rehab

Cops Called On Homeless Golden Voice

Golden Voice just pulled “A Lohan…..” Ted Williams’ radio voice helped make him the biggest viral star to hit the web since Antoine Dodson spazzed out on those nasty “Bed Intruders,” but instant infamy have made coping with old vices even more of a challenge for the admitted drug addict and alcoholic. That’s why he’s…

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Lindsay Lohan Rehab Roomies Busted For Boozing

Lindsay Lohan Caught In Rehab Drinking Scandal

That LiLo just can’t catch a break. Shortly after the repeat rehabber was shifted from the Betty Ford Center’s Rancho Mirage headquarters to an off-site residence, monitored by clinic officials, in the wake of a stalking scare, the actress’ drug-addled roommates were busted for boozing during a weekend party, TMZ reported on Monday.