Here’s The Intro For Dropped Lauren Conrad Reality Show

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What could have been: MTV is offering an unusual sneak peek at the Lauren Conrad reality series that was shelved amid whispers that network bosses found the footage too boring for broadcast. Check out the intro for the un-aired docu-series! The stop motion spot was composed by Angela and Ithyle and depicts Lauren being transported…

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Eddie Cibrian LeAnn Rimes Reality Show

Move over, Khloe and Lamar! There’s another set of equally-overexposed lovers vying to snatch Nick and Jessica’s crown as the most beloved Newlyweds to ever grace the small screen.

“Jersey Shore” Goes Gay With “Under The Boardwalk”

Gay Jersey Shore Atlantic City

Are you the GLBTQ community’s answer to Snooki Polizzi? Ever watched Pauly D collapse after a night of binge-drinking around Seaside Heights and wished you were The Situation doppleganger passed out next to him? You’re in luck! View more news videos at: