Hollywood Walk Of Fame: “No Reality Stars Allowed!”

Bad news, Snooki Fans: The Hollywood Walk of Fame has banned the addition of reality stars. The Wacky World of Reality TV has become such a force on The Entertainment Scene that it’s not unusual for previously unknown Average Joes and Janes to become international superstars thanks to their shenanigans on the small screen. The…

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Study: Thanks To TV, Kids Rank Fame Most Important Thing In Life

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Well, this ain’t Mister Rogers Neighborhood! What are shows like Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey teaching America’s youth? (Besides how to make out with “grenades” while flipping a table and change a diaper….) Why, how to be famous, of course!

VH1’s ‘Famous Food’ Serves Up a Menu of Drama and D-List Celebs


Because we simply don’t have enough shows depicting pseudo-celebrities making asses of themselves, VH1 has stepped in to help. “Famous Food,” which premieres this Sunday, follows seven people you may or may not have heard of as they work together to open a restaurant on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip. One of those “celebrities” will then…

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