Octomom Sex Tape! Nadya Suleman Spanking Man VIDEO

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Brain Bleach, puhleeze! Cash-strapped Octomom Nadya Suleman has consistently snubbed offers from some of the most prominent adult film studios in The Smut Business to strip off on camera in exchange for the cash she desperately needs to save her brood from eviction. Though Suleman, a mother of 14, may be opposed to sexing it…

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“The Simpsons” Porn Parody!

Simpsons Porn Spoof

Ever wondered what The Simpsons would look like if Homer and Marge were swingers and Springfield was actually the set of an XXX-rated film? The first thing the blogosphere blasted us with as we grudgingly drug ourselves out of bed this morning was this relatively SFW trailer for a live-action Simpsons skin flick. Yes, it’s…

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Capri Anderson Suing Charlie Sheen Over Hotel Rampage

Capri Anderson GMA Interview

Capri Anderson was paid $3,500 to escort Charlie Sheen to dinner, but the night ended with her locked in a hotel bathroom in fear for her life, the 23-year-old adult film “actress” (Hint, Nudge, Wink…) told Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulous in her first interview since she witnessed Sheen’s meltdown at The Plaza Hotel last…

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