Reese Witherspoon: “No One Else Makes You Whole. You Have To Take Responsibility For Your Own Happiness.”


In the January issue of Glamour, Reese Witherspoon sits down with Chery Strayed, the woman who Witherspoon portrays in her new movie Wild, to discuss her “America’s Sweetheart” title, her fears of playing Strayed in Wild, her husband, her friends, being a mother, and her new growing wisdom. On being perceived as America’s sweetheart: I certainly didn’t…

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10 Washed-Up Former Baywatch Stars Who Once Walked on Water

Image Source In the ’90s, Baywatch stars ruled the Earth like golden-skinned gods. Throwing on that iconic red swimsuit and running down the beach in slow motion was their ticket to an endless procession of parties, gifts, endorsements and, of course, money. But what do you do when the parties dry up and the phone…

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10 Wittiest Celebrity Reactions to Bogus Rumors of Their Demise

10. Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson

Image Source Although the internet and social media have arguably made them more frequent and widespread, bogus celebrity death reports are by no means a new phenomenon. During his lifetime, canonical American writer Mark Twain was the subject of at least two rumors of his premature demise. Of the first, Twain pithily commented, “The report…

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Jaden And Willow Smith’s Ten Most Outrageous Quotes

4. Jaden and Willow on Prana Energy

Image Source Be they budding creative geniuses hanging out in the stratosphere, little trolls, or dare I say–teenagers–Jaden and Willow Smith have provided the internet with tons of thought provoking, hair-brained, and downright bizarre quotes of late. Let’s check out a few.