Volunteer Firefighter Kills Dogs…Then Facebook’s it?

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A volunteer firefighter in Texas has been forced to resign Wednesday after killing two dogs and ruthlessly bragging about it on Facebook by posting a photo of the dead dogs on Facebook. Tim Conatser claims he killed the black and yellow Labradors after telling his neighbor, who was the owner of the dogs, to keep the…

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The Adorable Story of Selena Gomez and Zedd

zedd1 by Jeff Kravitz.

Aw, how adorable. DJ Zedd came clean about the awkward way he met his rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez during an interview with LA’s radio station 97.1 AMP yesterday.   “It was about as random as it gets,” said the 25-year-old DJ. “I had the day off and I decided to go buy stuff for my…

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Facebook’s New Tool To Help Prevent With Suicides

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Facebook has brought forth a new system that will try and identify users having suicidal thoughts so that they can get help. The system will allow concerned friends to report content for review. After Facebook reviews the reports confirms that it may indicate suicidal feelings in the user, Facebook will then send that user notifications. The…

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The Magic Color Changing Dress Is #BreakingTheInternet

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If you’ve been anywhere near Tumblr or Twitter the past couple days and haven’t noticed the internet’s biggest debate then what is wrong with you? Everyone on social media is split because of a certain dress, which may or may not be black-and-blue or white-and-gold. It seems ridiculous that so many people could honestly claim…

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