10 Best Zombie Flicks of 2015

image placeholder Image Source From the most watched TV drama of all time–The Walking Dead–to an Emmy winner– to outrageous zombie vs. vampire vs. human flick, there are a number of great Zombie flicks for any taste coming out in 2015. Check out the Zombie flicks you need to see this year!

Model Rachel Faulkner Hung Out with Us….

AHP_7186-Edit (1) by Allen Henson.

We got a chance to sit down with model Rachel Faulker to discuss all kinds of interesting stuff. She’s gorgeous! So, if you are curious and want to know more about her…. it’s all below. what movie scared you the most as a kid? Believe it or not, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban…

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Katelynn Ansari interview


Katelynn Ansari was born and raised in sunny Orange County, CA and grew up a huge beach bunny… want to know more about this southern cali Instagram model ? Please read our interview below.. Tell us what you think in the comments what movie scared you the most as a kid? Anything remotely scary or…

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Christina Milian talks to us about ‘Christina Milian Turned Up’


We were lucky enough to sit down with Christina Milian for a quick interview about her new show, ‘Christina Milian Turned Up’. Without further adieu… Which was your favorite part of this episode? So many parts.. umm i guess taking my Mom to get her tattoo and getting my piercing. pretty cool and liberating! lolĀ …

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