44 A-List Celebrities Who Served In The Military

Military Service and Celebrities

When watching movies and TV shows it is easy to forget that our favorite A-list stars had lives before they became famous. For many actors and actresses, a life in the military was observed before they entered our movie theaters and homes. In some instances, famous movie and TV stars chose to join the Air Force,…

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Kid Rock Shades Queen Bey


Kid Rock picked with the wrong fans. Though never one to keep his thoughts in his head, the “Born Free” singer might have overstepped his bounds when he dissed Queen Bey. Rock went off on a shading spree on the 20 time Grammy winner, saying that he is “flabbergasted” with her popularity.   In an…

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Brownstone’s Charmayne Maxwell Found Dead


Charmayne Maxwell, from the 1990’s R&B group Brownstone has died after a mysterious and tragic fall. Maxwell was attending her son’s soccer game in Los Angeles right before she fell. Her death has been described as an “accident”, and no foul play is suspected. A family member has told sources that Charmayne had come home…

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Taylor Swift Is Going To Be a Single “Cat Lady”


Taylor Swift Is Going To Be a Single “Cat Lady” For the time being Taylor Swift is just focusing on her. So, for now, we can put all the “who is she dating now” questions to bed. The “Shake It Off” singer was recently interviewed by The Telegraph, where she told the world that she’s…

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Homeless Man Shot To Death By LAPD


What can only be described as disturbing, several Los Angeles police officers attacked and fatally shot a homeless man during a struggle Sunday. Outraged eyewitnesses caught the encounter on tape. The man, who witnesses referred to as “Africa,” was pronounced dead at the scene- according to the Los Angeles Times. The altercation took place around…

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52 Celebrities Who Have DUIs And Sometimes More Than One

Celebrity DUIs

Hollywood has a long and storied history and unfortunately a big part of the Hollywood scene is the trouble that actors and actresses get into on a regular basis. These days there are entire reality TV shows and celebrity gossip programs devoted to celebrity mishaps. No topic is more discussed for the lack of court…

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William Shatner Will Miss Leonard Nimoy’s Funeral On Sunday

William Shatner to miss funeral of Leonard NiMoy

Star Trek star William Shatner will not be able to attend the funeral of former co-star and long-time friend Leonard Nimoy. Shatner announced on Saturday that he is “currently in Florida,” and “can’t make it back in time” to attend the funeral. The move is not a selfish one for William Shatner, he had previously…

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10 Movies Featuring Incredible Technologies That Came True

Lead by .

Image Source Movies have showcased numerous examples of fantastical technology since the earliest days of their medium. The French 1902 film A Trip to the Moon, for example, sent man on a journey into space, while 1927’s pioneering Metropolis brought a humanoid robot to life. Cinema in the decades subsequent to Metropolis has also featured…

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Amanda Peet Attacked for Pro-Vaccination Beliefs

amanda peet reuters 660 by .

Amanda Peet is not only an actress and mother she is also a vaccine advocate who recently has received hate mail over her pro-vaccine beliefs. Peet is quoted as saying, “Frankly, I feel that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites.” In Cookie Magazine The star of the series Togetherness on HBO has been…

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Parents Get Birthmark Tattoos to Support Daughter

Tanya-Phillips-along-with-her-husband-Adam-and-daughter-Honey-Rae by .

Two parents from Britain have gone and got themselves tattooed with design that resembles the red birthmark that covers their daughter’s body so that she wouldn’t feel different. Honey-Rae Phillips, who is just 18 months old, was born with a red birthmark that has continued to grow in size as she grows. The birthmark is…

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Leonard Nimoy aka Spock, dead at age 83

Spock by .

Leonard Nimoy who is famous for playing Mr. Spock the forever logical half human half alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in,  “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning in the Bel Air, Los Angeles in his home after battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nimoy announced that he had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease last year.…

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Why Did Madonna Compare France to Nazi Germany?

Is France the new Nazi Germany? Don’t worry its not- but Madonna compared the country to the Hitler-ruled Germany because, as she states, the intolerance of Jews in Europe has reached an “all-time high”. The pop-icon condemned the rise of anti-Semitism and far right politics in France and Europe, re-igniting the anger of France’s increasingly…

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Will Smith Career ‘Focus’

_85C2274.dng by Frank Masi.

Will Smith focus is on his wife, Smith revealed to reporters Tuesday at the Focus premiere in Hollywood, Smith stated that his high profile marriage to actress Jada Pinkett Smith has experienced its own fair share of issues. The A list actor, was asked by reporters how he divided up his time between his career and his personal life.…

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Jodi Arias’ Fate…Life in Prison?

Jodi Arias in court May 3 by .

The fate Jodi Arias is now up to the Jury. The question is, will she pay for her crime with her life? The Arizona jury is deliberating over the 34 year old woman’s fate. The jury has to choice between possible sentences to choose from, they can either sentence her to life with the possibility…

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Volunteer Firefighter Kills Dogs…Then Facebook’s it?

2619C8E000000578-0-image-a-27_1424918070642 by .

A volunteer firefighter in Texas has been forced to resign Wednesday after killing two dogs and ruthlessly bragging about it on Facebook by posting a photo of the dead dogs on Facebook. Tim Conatser claims he killed the black and yellow Labradors after telling his neighbor, who was the owner of the dogs, to keep the…

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The Adorable Story of Selena Gomez and Zedd

zedd1 by Jeff Kravitz.

Aw, how adorable. DJ Zedd came clean about the awkward way he met his rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez during an interview with LA’s radio station 97.1 AMP yesterday.   “It was about as random as it gets,” said the 25-year-old DJ. “I had the day off and I decided to go buy stuff for my…

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