Tom Cruise Romantically Linked to Laura Prepon — Again

The New York Post doesn’t care what Tom Cruise’s spokes folks say: The glossy has it on good authority that the pint-sized actor is secretly dating Orange is the New Black actress Laura Prepon. In fact, it’s a match made in Scientologist Heaven (provided Scientologists believe there is a Heaven), insiders say.

Do We Really Need a “Mrs. Doubtfire” Sequel?

Nobody puts out a boob fire quite like Robin Williams in a dress. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to Williams’ 1993 comedy hit Mrs. Doubtfire is actually happening, with both the comedy legend and director Chris Columbus on board for the long delayed follow-up.

Rapper Christ Bearer Cuts Off Penis, Jumps Off Balcony

Who needs a penis in the afterlife, right? Christ Bearer, a rapper affiliated with the groundbreaking hip-hop collective The Wu-Tang Clan, cut off his manhood and jumped from a balcony in North Hollywood early Wednesday. Authorities tell TMZ that the musician was trying to commit suicide when he leaped from the second floor of an…

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