This New Insurgent Trailer Is Bad-Ass And Makes You Wanna See The Movie


Now THIS Insurgent trailer is interesting. In this new trailer we see Tris and Four team up with the faction-less to try and take down Jeanine, who’s in possession of  a mysterious box and an insatiable thirst to find all divergents. She eventually gets her hands on Tris and somehow uses creepy mind-control wires to make…

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ELLE Magazine And Jaunt Partner To Capture First-Ever Virtual Reality Fashion Experience With The Voice’s Jacquie Lee

BTS ELLE_Jaunt shoot_courtesy of ELLE

ELLE Magazine and Jaunt, the technology company building the hardware and software to make truly immersive cinematic virtual reality (VR) possible, have partnered up to capture the first-ever virtual reality fashion experience. We get a chance to take a step into the future and fashion’s next dimension with 350-degree-behind-the-scenes immersion at ELLE’s fashion shoot. This new technology…

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Bill Cosby’s Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Vandalized


Bill Cosby’s good name has been completely ruined due to his rape allegations and now, so is his star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame. In recent weeks, multiple woman have come forward accusing the once beloved comedian, of drugging them and raping them years ago. Some people are taking this news worse than others. For…

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