Nude Spencer Pratt Playgirl Magazine

File this under Not Safe While Eating. If the prospect of seeing a completely nude Brooke Hogan on the pages of Playboy Magazine didn’t leave you with nightmares, here’s something that might do the trick-Spencer Pratt…naked…for Playgirl.

Nude Mario Lopez Playgirl Magazine $200,000

Mario Lopez has turned down a $200,000 offer to pose nude in an upcoming issue of Playgirl Magazine. “It’s not something for me at the moment,” the actor says. In June, Mario was voted People Magazine’s Hottest Bachelor of 2008.

Audrina Patridge Playboy Magazine Offer

If Audrina Patridge ever again gets the urge to strip for a shot at supermodel stardom, Playboy Magazine woud love to speak with her. “Audrina is a beautiful girl. If she really is interested in posing for Playboy, our editors would love to talk to her directly,” Playboy rep Lauren Malone says.