Kim Kardashian Botox Injections Result In Coon Eyes For Socialite

Kim Kardashian Gets Botox

Needle fan Kim Kardashian was left with black eyes after a bad reaction to Botox injections. On Sunday night’s edition of E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the reality star decided to take a stab at the cosmetic procedure after being teased about being “old” during her Elle Magazine photoshoot with teen crooner Justin Bieber,…

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Hollywood Mourning Death Of Plastic Surgeon Frank Ryan

Hollywood is mourning the death of one of Tinseltown’s most prolific sculptors. Dr. Frank Ryan, plastic surgeon to a bevy of stars — including Janice Dickson, Gene Simmons, and Lorenzo Lamas and the man responsible for turning Heidi Montag into the woman she is today, died of head injuries he suffered when his Jeep careened…

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