Megan Fox Never Had Botox (And She’s Got Proof!)

Megan Fox Au Naturel

Before…and…After: Do you think Megan Fox has had any injections? Unemployed vixens do the darndest things! Megan Fox wants us all to know that she is naturally one of the hottest women on the Planet, thank you very much… No matter what you’ve heard…

Bristol Palin Cops To Jaw Surgery

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If you thought Bristol Palin looked a wee bit different when she showed up at The Candies Foundation Benefit in Los Angeles last week, you don’t need new lenses. Bristol just needed a new jaw. The 20-year-old daughter of political maverick Sarah Palin has revealed that she underwent corrective surgery to her jaw, but denies…

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Fergie Plastic Surgery Makeover $30K

Fergie Plastic Surgery

Meth Face doesn’t fix itself! A few weeks ago Fergie unveiled her new, somewhat tweaked, face at her birthday celebration in Las Vegas. After the gossip that followed, hubby Josh Duhamel leapt to her defense explaining that her changed look was the result of “new lipstick,” not a secret nip/tuck. Not so fast, says Star…

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