Perez Hilton Offered $20 Million To Sell Website


Two professional celeb-gawkers and want to make Perez Hilton $20 million richer. The acid-tongued celebrity snitch has been offered the astounding eight-figure deal to part ways with the website that made him more famous than some of the Hollywood notables he regularly torments.

Simon Cowell: “Perez Hilton Could Replace Me On ‘American Idol'”

Celebrity gossip Perez Hilton has been vocal about his desire to take over judging duties for mean-mouthed music mogul Simon Cowell when the Brit leaves American Idol this May, and in a press call with The Associated Press on Thursday, Cowell seemed to co-sign Hilton’s campaign. Simon says that Hilton, who has his own music…

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Perez Hilton Predicted Brittany Murphy Death

(Disclaimer: I really hate to give this guy any shine after the little stunt he pulled in the moments after the death of pop legend Michael Jackson last summer. Sadly, I have to report newsworthy stories even when I’m not a big fan of the subject……) Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton predicted Brittany Murphy’s death…

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Drew Barrymore Considering Legal Action Against Perez Hilton

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Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore is reportedly consulting her attorneys about possible legal action against online gossip Perez Hilton. In his new book, True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating and Overdozing, Barrymore’s longtime foe claims the former child star’s sober image is a facade. “She was f**ked-up. She’s always f**ked-up… She is not…

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