Paula Abdul “Bruno” Prank


More public humiliation is on the horizon for American Idol judge Paula Abdul. The “Forever Your Girl” star was reportedly completely duped by Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay alter ego, Bruno. A source tells The NY Post: Sacha Baron Cohen, playing a wildly gay Austrian TV reporter in Bruno, conducted a wacky interview with the “American…

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Paula Abdul “Nightline” Interview — “I Never Been Drunk….”


In an interview with ABC News’ Nightline, airing Thursday, Paula Abdul gets candid about the rumored feud with fellow American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, her bizarre behavior on the 2007 reality series Hey Paula, and whispers of drug and alcohol abuse. And with her Idol contract expiring at the end of Idol’s eighth season next…

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Simon Cowell Paula Abdul Moustache Video (“American Idol” 8)

Paula got drawn on on last night’s American Idol…. Earlier in the night, Paula gave Simon two coloring books and a box of colored pencils, saying, “Here you are, six-year-old. Oh, that’s an insult to six-year-olds.” Later on, Simon used one of the Sharpies to accentuate Paula’s upper lip with a little faux facial hair.

Fall Victim Jill Kohl Sues Paula Abdul

According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, a woman is suing Paula Abdul and the studio behind her now-defunct reality show, Hey Paula, claiming the American Idol star’s shoddy property caused her to fall during a taping, Jill Kohl is suing Paula, Bravo Television, NBC Universal, claiming she took a…

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Paula Abdul Has A New Face


Not sure if it is improved, but she seems to be getting a little less human looking as time goes on. (City Rag)

Paula Abdul Talk Show


Is P.A. bringing her emotional outbursts to daytime TV? Paula Abdul is secretly planning to launch her own daytime talk show, according to a scoop featured in this week’s issue of The National Enquirer. “Paula is unpredictable and not afraid to speak her mind-but she also leads from the heart and really connects with people,”…

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Paula Abdul Leaving “American Idol?”


With the return of the Wild Card Round and the omission of Idol Gives Back, there are big changes on the horizon for America’s No. 1 rated singing competition; but a replacement for controversial judge Paula Abdul won’t be one of them.

Paula Abdul “The View” Video (12/08/08)

Paula Abdul is opening up about the suicide of former American Idol contestant and alleged stalker Paula Goodspeed. Goodspeed was found dead of a drug overdose in a car near Abdul’s Los Angeles home last month. “It was devastating and tragic, and there aren’t enough feelings that I can articulate without getting into a whole…

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Stalked Paula Abdul Selling Home


Paula Abdul has put her Sherman Oaks, California home up for sale less than a month after obsessed fan Paula Goodspeed committed suicide just steps from the residence on November 11.

Paula Abdul Cheerleader-Themed Las Vegas Show


Now that her contract with American Idol is scheduled to expire at the end of this season, Paula Abdul is tapping into her roots as a former Los Angles Lakers cheerleader and noted choreographer to develop a Cirque du Soleli-inspired cheerleader-themed show on the Las Vegas strip.