Paul Rudd The Bar Mitzvah DJ (Circa 1992)!

Hey Paul, nice tux! Dinner for Schmucks star Paul Rudd must feel like a real-life schmuck when looking at this vintage video from his days of “gettin’ the party started” as bar mitzvah deejay! Before he became famous, the comedian supported himself by working the bar and bat mitzvah circuit in Los Angeles’ San Fernando…

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Betty White “Oh, God” Movie Remake Featuring Paul Rudd

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Betty White is a comedy god: literally. A Warner Bros. is considering updating the 1977 side-splitter Oh, God with Emmy-winning former Golden Girl Betty White in the lead role as the Guy (Guess We Should Say Girl) Upstairs.

Paul Rudd “Sesame Street” Video

Donning a giant Earth outfit, ccomic actor Paul Rudd danced with the residents of Sesame Street on the Easter Monday edition of the Children’s Television Classic.