Patrick Dempsey Leaving “Grey’s Anatomy”

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Take a good look at baby-faced actor Patrick Dempsey, Grey’s Anatomy Fans. It could be the last time you see the ’80s heartthrob in the role of brilliant surgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd — known as “McDreamy” in some circles. In the new June 2011 issue of Italian Vanity Fair Magazine, Dempsey reveals that the possible…

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Twenty Celebrities that have Aged Miserably

Janice Dickinson

Corleone. Sperpico. Montana. And this crazy guy. Al Pacino has taken great pains to completely abandon his famous good looks and charm in favor of the “Creepy Uncle” look.

Patrick Dempsey: “Too Bad Brooke Smith Fired From ‘Grey’s Anatomy'”


Patrick Dempsey was just as caught off-guard as the rest of us after receiving word of ABC’s sudden decision to fire actress Brooke Smith, who played “Dr. Erica Hahn” on the network’s award-winning medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. McDreamy says the firing is “too bad.”