Paris Hilton Home For Rent For $20K A Month

Paris Hilton House For Rent

Got a cool $20,000 sitting around? A Los Angeles mini-mansion once owned by socialite Paris Hilton and featured in a few episodes of the now-defunct reality series The Simple Life is for rent.

Paris Hilton Wants Invite To William & Kate Royal Wedding

Paris Hilton — who was romantically-linked to Britain’s Prince William once upon a time — is vying for an invite to the monarch’s spring nups. Umm…Somehow we can’t imagine Kate Middleton and Paris Hilton posing for happy wedding snaps together

Paris Hilton Birthday Cake Stolen And Donated To Homeless Shelter

Paris Hilton Birthday Cake Stolen

You’ve heard of robbing the rich to fed the poor, but even Robin Hood couldn’t deliver a deal this sweet. Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday celebration hit a snag last weekend when the heiress’ three-tier birthday cake was mysteriously stolen — only to reappear days later in the form of a donation to the homeless.