Paris Hilton issues apology for offensive gay remarks

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Paris Hilton upset many of her fans when comments were leaked from a private conversation that she was havng with a friend. Now, Paris is attempting some damage-control, issung an apology for her remakrs. The apology has also been published on the GLAAD website. “I am so sorry and so upset that I caused pain…

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Paris Hilton Punches Out Pap

Paris Hilton is back in the headlines…and for all the wrong reasons. The heiress was recently caught on camera attacking a photographer while reportedly under the influence of drugs.

Paris Hilton “Drunk Text” Music Video Going Viral

Did someone say hot mess? It’s been a while since Paris Hilton has forced us to clutch our pearls, stuff our ears and reach for the nearest bottle of Brain Bleach all at once. We suppose the return of such gestures was long overdue.

Paris Hilton’s ‘Stars Are Blind’ Gets the ‘Pop-Up Video’ Treatment [VIDEO]


Back in 2006, before anyone had been brainwashed into thinking they had to keep up with the Kardashians, all the paparazzi cameras were trained on a different vacuous former sex-tape-starring famewhore — Paris Hilton. So someone somewhere decided that since she was “famous,” that meant she could sing too! It was a very dark time.

DJ Paris Hilton? “She Wants To Be The Queen Of House Music!”

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DJ Herpes Hilton: Try that on for size. Move over, Sam Ronson. Hang onto your turntables, Mix Masters. Imagine walking into your favorite hotspot and grooving to the rhythms of Paris Hilton. Would you think that was totally hot or oh-so-not? Eh — it really doesn’t matter because the socialite will likely be invading (or…

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Does Lindsay Lohan Have A Crush On Paris Hilton?

Famed frenemies Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are back on speaking terms after rekindling their friendship, but according to The National Enquirer, Lindsay’s fiery loins burn for more than just a platonic reunion.

(Another) Paris Hilton Stalker Arrested Outside Heiress’ Home

The Los Angeles man arrested after attacking Paris Hilton’s then-beau outside a California courthouse earlier this year has been nabbed by cops again; this time on suspicion of violating a restraining order that bars him from coming within 200 yards of the heiress or her Hollywood home.

Paris Hilton Home For Rent For $20K A Month

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Got a cool $20,000 sitting around? A Los Angeles mini-mansion once owned by socialite Paris Hilton and featured in a few episodes of the now-defunct reality series The Simple Life is for rent.