Photographer Accepts Responsibility In Hilton Hit & Run

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A upstanding paparazzo? Apparently, they’re out there. The photographer who suffered injuries to her leg and foot when Paris Hilton’s businessman boyfriend Cy Waits ran over her foot with the wheel of his Bentley says she is “at fault as much as him” for the incident outside Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles Wednesday night.

Russell Brand Arrested Following Paparazzi Melee At LAX

Mel Gibson: Check Adam Lambert: Check Now we can add Russell Brand to the list of celebs who have gone bonkers on the paps in the past few days. Brand was taken into custody by police at Los Angeles International Airport (the scene of many a crime against snappers) after allegedly attacking a pushy paparazzon…

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Mel Gibson Confronts Paparazzi & Gets Owned

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In this Battle of the Bottom Feeders, OctoMel gets a royal dressing down about his attitude towards women, gays, and anyone else with morals after he confronts one brave professional snapper who had spent the day following him around Los Angeles.