Tori Spelling In Paparazzi-Related Car Crash

Tori Spelling Paparazzi-Related Car Crash

The paps are trying to take down Donna Martin! Pregnant reality star Tori Spelling, 38, was involved in a head-on collision with a wall on Monday morning after allegedly being “chased” by the paparazzi.

Miley Cyrus vs. Paparazzi!

She may be the worst thing to happen to the psyche of teenagers since the debut of Mean Girls and the onset of Bieber Fever, but mess with her Mama, Tish, and Miley Cyrus unleashes her inner overprotective cub!

Nicole Richie Rips Paparazzi

Nicole Richie has a bone to pick with pesky pappers. The furious bad girl-turned-protective mama bear has fired off an angry letter — in Full Bitch Mode, mind you — to X17 Online photographers who park outside her daughter Harlow’s Los Angeles school happily snapping away.