Oscar De La Hoya Enters Rehab For Drug Addiction

The last time we ran into boxing great Oscar De La Hoya while pounding the pavement for celebrity dish, the bruisin’ brawl was shouting “Conspiracy!” after a slew of reportedly-doctored images of him prancing around in a tutu women’s underoos sent the Interwebs into a tailspin. Nearly four years later, Oscar’s back in the news;…

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Oscar De La Hoya Drag Photos Continued; New Stripper ‘Maria’ Steps Forward


A new stripper has stepped forward in an effort to characterize boxing heavyweight Oscar De La Hoya as a crossdresser. A Russian immigrant exotic dancer, dubbed ‘Maria,’ supports her friend Milana Dravnel’s claim of a slumber party-filled girly party, featuring De La Hoya, in Philadelphia last May.

Oscar De La Hoya Drag Photos Taken By Stripper

Tipsy photos of a crossdressing Oscar De La Hoya are being blasted as a Work of Photoshop by the boxer’s attorneys, but a Philadelphia stripper claims the photos are authentic-and it was she who snapped them!