Weston Cage & Wife Arrested Following Domestic Meltdown

Weston Cage And Wife Nicole Williams Arrested

More trouble for Weston Cage: Proving once more that the apple doesn’t fall far from the looney, the shaggy-haired celebuspawn of troubled and cash-strapped Oscar winner Nicolas Cage was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence following a bloody brawl with his estranged wife, recent rehabber Nikki Williams.

Weston Cage, Nic Cage’s Son, Admitted To Psychiatric Hospital

Weston Cage Hospitalized

Marriage may just be driving Weston Cage nuts. The 20-year-old son of troubled Oscar winner Nicolas Cage has been admitted to the psychiatric ward of a Los Angeles hospital after his first major blowout with his wife of one month prompted him to spazz out and attack his personal trainer in a fit over being…

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Nic Cage Child Abuse Investigation

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Nicolas Cage’s arrest for public intoxication in New Orleans earlier this month has drawn the attention of the local Child Protective Services officials. The Valley Girl star is facing a possible probe into allegations of that he injured his young son while he was drunk.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Bailed Nicolas Cage Out Of Jail

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Nicolas Cage is a free man this evening — and he owes it all to con-trackin’ reality star Duane Chapman. It was the star of A&E’s Dog the Bounty Hunter, himself no stranger to controversy (Does the N-bomb scandal ring a bell?) who swooped to the rescue, plopping down $11,000 bond to secure Nic’s release…

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