Nick Hogan Jail Release October 21

Nick Hogan will be released from a Florida jail on October 21. The 18-year-old son of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is being sprung from the pokey three months early after earning credits for good behavior and working.

Nick Hogan 18th Birthday Adult Jail Transfer

Happy Birthday, Nick. You’re going to Big Boy Prison! Nick Bollea will celebrate his 18th birthday this Sunday by moving from a juvenile prison into an adult facility.

Threatening Frank Graziano Hulk Hogan Voicemail Audio

The Hogans better run for cover. TMZ has obtained the audio of some threatening voicemails sent to Hulk Hogan by a person suspected to be Frank Graziano, the brother of John Graziano, the young Marine paralyzed in Nick Hogan’s August 2007 car crash. Frank thinks the Hogans are a family of “whores” and he can…

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Hulk Hogan “Larry King Live” Video

Hulk Hogan has gone on damage control after being exposed as an insensitive fraud by recorded jail conversations with his incarcerated seventeen year old son, Nick. During an appearance on Tuesday’s Larry King Live, Hulk admitted he made some negative comments about Nick’s paralyzed victim, John Graziano, during the recorded during phone calls, including discussing…

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