RIP Amy Winehouse


As multiple sources are now confirming, Amy Winehouse, 27, has died. She was found in her London home at about 4pm local time. While not unexpected — she’s famously battled a severe substance abuse problem for years — the news is still incredibly sad. In an age of the manufactured pop star, Winehouse was a…

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Sources: Amy Winehouse Found Dead

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Has Died Sky News is reporting singer (and longtime substance abuser) Amy Winehouse, 27, has been found dead in her London home. More details on Amy Winehouse’s death as they emerge … UPDATE: The Daily Mail reports she was found dead at about 4pm local time. TMZ confirms: A press release from the…

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Did Beyonce’s Dad Steal Her Money?

Mathew and Beyonce Knowles

Holiday dinners at the Knowles household just got super awkward. TMZ is reporting the reason superstar Beyonce severed her longtime professional relationship with her father (and former manager) Mathew is because he was pilfering her bank accounts. He denies those allegations and has filed court papers to get to the bottom of them. The story…

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The Sad, Scary-Skinny Decline of LeAnn Rimes

X17/Radar Online

Remember when LeAnn Rimes was famous for singing? The little 13-year-old yodeling sprite burst onto the scene years ago and everyone was all “she’s Patsy Cline reincarnated!” and she had a nice voice and she was a nice girl who eventually married a nice boy and had a very nice career. Remember that? It was…

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No One Wants Michele Bachman to Use Their Music


If this keeps up, she’ll be walking out to stony silence. After Tom Petty served GOP presidential candidate (and Tea Party darling) Michele Bachmann with a cease and desist order, demanding she quit using his song “American Girl” during campaign stops, Katrina & The Waves had a little something to say as well.