Lindsay Lohan Stars In New MIGGS Music Video “Let The Games Begin”

Move over, Rosa Acosta: Lindsay Lohan is now a “video model.” Art imitates life as the troubled — and reportedly cash-strapped actress — stars in the new music video “Let the Games Begin,” a recently-released single recorded by Tampa-based band MIGGS. Yeah — we’ve never heard of them either. Anyone care to clue us in?

Lady Gaga’s ‘Yoü and I’ Video Premieres [VIDEO]


Stefani Germanotta — you may know her better as Lady Gaga — has leaked the video for her new single, “Yoü and I,” on her YouTube page. I’ll share it in a moment — but first, gather round, kids. It’s storytime.

Urkel Does Cee-Lo!

Is that Cee-Lo Green’s voice coming out of the mouth of Steve Urkel? Yep! The Voice pundit enlisted TV’s most loveable nerd next door (otherwise known as actor Jaleel White) to star in the new video, “Cry Baby,” a promo for the latest single off Cee-Lo’s hit album The Lady Killer.